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Cherie's Helpful Hints & Advice

Inspired by questions from students and friends, I have started to put together some information on eventing.  As I hear more questions, I will try to add to these resources.  Please let me know if there is something you would like to know about...

Times and Distances - Comparing Horse Trials, the Classic Long Format, and the new Short Format (1 page word document)

The Classic Long Format - An A-B-C-D Breakdown (1 page word document)

Jumping 101 (approximately 6 pages, with pictures)  

The Levels of Eventing Cheat-Sheet (1 page word document)

A Few Details About Eventing (5 page word document)
    What is the difference between a Horse Trial and a Three Day Event?
     Where do the big events fall into the various levels?
     What makes the various Horse Trial levels so different?
     How much dressage does an event horse have to do?

Dressage is in the Details (3 page word document)
     11 helpful hints for success in your dressage test!

Cherie's Favorites (Articles & Reference Material)

Saddle fitting isn't all about the horse - it's about the rider too - and Jim Wofford says it's critical!!  Here are two excellent Practical Horseman articles that explain what to look for in picking the right saddle for the rider and the discipline.  Make Sure Your Jumping Saddle Fits You, Too!  and How Saddle Design Affects Your Riding Form.  

Inside Nature's Giants - Racehorses.  A 45 minute British documentary on the movement of racehorses.  Fascinating though graphic (they dissect a 4 year old thoroughbred who was put down after suffering multiple fractures).  Well worth the watch if you have any interest in the development (evolution) and movement of horses!

Horse & Country TV - Lucinda Green Clinic   Episode 1   &   Episode 2    The six time Badminton winner is the master of cross country riding!

Dressage Attire & Equipment - USEF publication, updated March 2009 (this is an excellent handbook, but be sure to check the current rules if in doubt!)

Where to Look Before Jumping - Jim Wofford (with Elizabeth Iliff), Practical Horseman.  The type of fence determines where you need to focus your eye to help both you and your horse execute the best jump.

Eye-tracking of rider's eyes during jumping - Video of scientific research identifying where top jumpers look when approaching a jump!  If you've read Jim Wofford's article above, you won't be surprised at what they found!

The Starting Box - A guide to your first event.  Published by the USEA (first published in 1988 by the USCTA), this is a must read for all "would-be" event riders (or as we might say today - wannabes!).

Horse Slaughter: An Unnecessary Evil.  Report commissioned in 2002 by the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation, Inc. to assess available data surrounding the debate about horse slaughter.  And a 2007 Q&A article about "unwanted horses" and the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act.  If you think you know what the debate is all about - you might be surprised at what you learn!

Lucinda Green Weighs In On The One-Fall Rule.  Here is a letter from Lucinda to Great Britain's Horse & Hound magazine, reprinted on the USEA website.  Lucinda articulates my exact thoughts and I applaud her for finally saying what (I hope) many of us have been thinking.

Eventing Lives in the Balance - an insightful article by Jim Wofford about the relationship between dressage, show jumping and cross country jumping.